Getting Started with Orderly Provider Directory APIs

Orderly Provider Directory APIs are used to access up-to-date information about practitioners across the United States. While all of the APIs here return similar information, they each support different ways of getting to the practitioner of interest.

On each of the API reference pages, you'll see information on both the request body needed to query the API, as well as the response bodies that you will encounter as a result. Generally, you'll be interested in viewing the "200" response that describes what successful results will look like, however you may want to investigate other responses when planning for edge cases in your client.


How to view the body structure of a successful response

On the right side of each API endpoint reference, you'll notice a code breakout and the option to select a programming language. This section is designed to help you get started with using our API, and will generate the needed code for you in the desired language to make a request. Note that it will update the code as you fill in a request body in the main section (the "BODY PARAMS").


Body Params to fill out. These will populate the example request on the right side as you fill them in.

If you have credentials correctly set up, you can click the "Try It!" button to make an actual API call and view the response. Or you can view example responses of each type.

The code breakout section with "Try It" button and example responses

The code breakout section with "Try It" button and example responses

Want to Start Using the API?

If you're just browsing, enjoy perusing through these endpoints. Then when you'd ready to start making some calls schedule a demo

If you're an existing customer, see: Setting Up To Use the Orderly API